*A shy hi*

Since you have landed on this page to know about me, here is a gist.

Name : Shruthi Jothsana

An INFP-T Personality – So you get it, right? If not, please google and do take the MBTI test to figure out which type are you.

An ambivert – So, as a result of the aforementioned test, I am 69% introverted and 31% extroverted.

A bibliophile  – I will be insanely happy if you leave me alone with a book. A good book.

A logophile – I fall for words, shamelessly. Words that moves me. Words that makes me smile. Words that I read, write, skim and feel.

A minimalist – Not into material gains that much. Of course, I have my impulses but I know my way out of it and to be frugal.

A self-proclaimed poetess – Heart break’s result? Yup.

Misc –  Owner of many dreams, books and chaotic non-stop thoughts | A Nyctophile | a Thalassophile | Easily bored | Magnanimously distracted by good books/quotes/words/music/movies/series.


Otherwise, I am a walking paradox just as any other human being 🙂

Picture Courtesy of theme background: A budding photographer, a cool Chacha – Nataraj Ananthanarayanan

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