Happy Book Lovers’ Day!

August 9th is celebrated as a Book Lovers’ Day( I didn’t know until today. Thank you Facebook!)

We all would have discovered a reader in us by reading a book which kept us hooked; you sit transfixed in a place and your eyes on the book, hunger becoming numb, you stinking like a rotten potato… Wow. Those were the days. Days we finished books in one sitting. You would have become a reader by the yen yielded for reading by just one good book you started off with.

In retrospect of how I became a reader/book lover, I realised it all started because of my cousin and Enid Blyton.

I’d go to my cousin’s place for summer vacation. Back then I had no idea there are many fiction books available as I was from a semi urban city. He lived in Chennai and the city would always leave me in awe. He was a member in a library(yes, I had a library back in the town I used to live but I wasn’t aware of it) and he also had a personal collection of books. YA mostly. When I laid my hands on Enid Blyton’s one of the Secret Seven books, the mystery kept me hooked to it. I loved all the characters, how they were defined. It wasn’t hard for me to start. Simple English. But when I started to notice how tranquil my surrounding was when I started reading, I couldn’t help but fall for the peace it rendered. I read many books after that. We would go to library twice a week. Credits goes to my cousin for sponsoring the books and also being a vital part in instilling the love for reading in me. I also started buying books on my own and I haven’t stopped reading ever since and whatever I laid my hands on.

Another significant thing as I come to think of it is, how we grow through books as we grow though experiences in life.

Reading a book per se is an experience. Whatever you read a year, or two back, wouldn’t instill a liking for it now if you are told to read. That’s how you grow through books. As you read, your choices become wiser which tantamount to reading a book that can’t be put down.

But honestly, there is too much stress and pressure we carry inside of us which prevents the celerity of reading nowadays. Focusing gets tough. Finishing few pages is considered an achievement. Binge-reading is a rarity now.

Nevertheless, today, just like another day, I’ll smile to myself thinking that there is a special day for book lovers and get back to reading before hitting the sack.

~ Shruthi Jothsana ~


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