A Non-Ode To A Pushover

You are proudly called

A people pleaser

Getting a “Yes” from your

Mouth is so damn easier


Those who approach you

Aren’t at all hesitant,

Your dictionary doesn’t

Have the word, “resistant


You curse them inside

Your head yet you pursue

Your gullible and naive heart which

Believes the words like honeydew


It’s beyond comprehension

Why you do what you do

Even you don’t know

How this trait in you grew


You give your all

To them for nothing

And get nothing at all

No, not even anything


Your ridiculous history

Of taken advantage of is

Worth writing a book, why do you

keep adding more pages?


Their return gift for your

Deed is them returning

To you to quench

Their yearning


Self doubts make you

Think you are dumb

So, try saying “No” once or more

To feel the freedom


Of putting yourself

On top of your priority list

Then they will know

The pushover ceased to exist.


~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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