Promises of a firefly – Review

Disclaimer: This is my first ever book review in my blog. Pardon if the review template(if there is any such) is wrong.

Promises of front


Book Name: Promises of a firefly

Author: Anupam Patra

Publisher: Story Mirror Infotech Pvt Ltd (2017)


3 Word Review of this book will be: A MUST READ!

I didn’t expect this book to be a collection of short stories when I got it in my hand first to review. As I always love words and always been a sucker for new words, this book doesn’t fail to engulf with enriched vocabulary and amazing analogies. All the short stories in the book had a strong message to convey. All 11.

Each story beautifully penned when some depicts how life can be fair with you and how it can’t be too. As I am a sensitive person I had to take the book very slow as the impact got deeper and deeper as I finished each of 11.

You know how we yearn for a book to go with coffee in one hand, sitting by the window whilst raining outside? This is the book to go for at that amazing moment to get drenched in the rain of emotions while the earth is being drenched by rain.

You will not believe this is the debut work of the author once you finish the book, put it down and stare at an abyss with a roller-coaster of thoughts pacing faster in your mind.

Absolutely brilliant collection of mixed emotions put together as 11 short stories.

It is definitely hard for me to pick the favorite among the 11 bu “Lily” created a biggest impact in me possible.

I’d definitely recommend this book to every bibliophile friends of mine! 🙂


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