Serendipitous conversations

Conversation – one of the most underrated pleasures of all time.


Don’t we all strive to have a conversation that gets us high on positive thoughts, good vibes and the one which becomes a vantage point to get us thinking what would be our next step in life? We build up the initial steps with certain people we think are capable of such conversations, hoping it would lead to one such conversation but mostly, we would be disappointed because we set the bar high before we even begin to weave the words. Also, it is a two way street. The motto of getting high should be in all of the minds engaged in the conversation. What’s the point if one has to have a memorable conversation and the other one just want to have a monotonous conversation?

There are so many types of conversations that gets you high. Discussing topics one is passionate about, poetic conversations, silent conversations(yes, that exists!) But one of my favorites is the serendipitous conversations.

Serendipitous conversations don’t have a proper beginning. It happens just by venting out, being there for each other and creating a way out from all the inhibitions holding us back from feeling good about ourselves. Those are not even planned most of the times. It just happens effortlessly taking up a special chunk of space in your heart. A driving factor, when you feel down; when you feel like giving up. That is the go-to conversation to recall/reread always when you feel like uplifting yourself. Leaves you with existential epiphany and goosebumps.

You would wonder, “Am I this good at making a conversation?” when you reread it. You would want to save the conversation like a tchotchke. It is a gentle reminder of how happiness can be extracted from just a mundane daily task – conversations. It has the power to tame all your insecurities and hang them to dry, for a while.

You feel like starting afresh after all the words exchange. A whole new person with all new possibilities, less negativity and more can-do attitude.

We all need this kind of conversations once in a while but don’t you seek, for it seeks you. The pleasure and hangover you get from such conversations – simply inexplicable and a must have. 🙂

P.S – Written from the derived pleasure of having one such conversation in recent times!

~ Shruthi Jothsana ~


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