On Overthinking 

Just a heads up. It is a hypocritical post(Who even admits it? Pfft. *Pats on self’s back*). Not all the words at the end given as a partial solution to the process of over-thinking and how to avoid is necessarily executed by the blogger. It is a post meant for the consolation for self and similar others. It is just the output of thought process and not actions(yet).

I kid you not. I equate myself with the word over-thinker so this post is almost a version of “A letter to myself”.

We all overthink. For simple things. For bigger decisions(which is kind of okay if you ask me). For nothings. For anything that is remotely a problem/inhibition. Don’t we all? Your brain basically becomes a minefield of thoughts waiting to explode and exhaust you.

Ovethinking is subjective to individuals who projects it over an objective.

Let me tell you. It is all just a starting trouble basically. Starting trouble to do the step 1 of the action sequence that you have been meaning to do. You have your algorithm all written down but you question whether it would work even before you execute it.

You wanna talk to that long lost friend but you are afraid to take the first step. Fear of not receiving any replies. Failing to enjoy the possibility of making a great conversation.

You want to send apply for a new job but you are too afraid to get out of the comfort zone and face interviews. Fear of rejection. Failing to even face the possibility of getting selected.

You want to talk about what’s bothering you to a person who really means a lot but you are afraid whether they would really listen to you or not. Fear of being judged. Failing to get a possible solution by sharing what’s on your mind.

I can list a lot of examples which I can proclaim to be general but I’m overthinking here whether the readers would think the examples listed are from personal experiences or not. See?

So what’s even the quid pro quo for overthinking? Sadness. Depression. Self-doubts. Hesitation. Obsession and compulsion. Banal words. Humdrum routines. Uninspired mind, idle hands and empty pages. Drafted blog posts and emails. Those pages of self reprimands. Fear of being judged. Many many and many more. Basically anything related to happiness and self-satisfaction.

If the situation is convenient, follow the solution.

Solution: Sometimes you just have to NOT think. I know it is easier said than done but when you don’t think, that’s when you actually get things done. That’s your hack. Maybe that’s your only way out from overthinking. You wanna do something? Do it. Then think how to enhance it. Do not judge yourself before you do it. It is okay to make mistakes, face the music. Not all the time though. I guess you grow better with practice.

Hit that enter button that runs your execution!

Let me know how it turns out.

~ Shruthi Jothsana ~


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