Elephant in the room


What a beautiful word to define there are some things which are best left unsaid and hidden.

Like not dealing with the elephant in the room, for instance.

Come on, we all have an elephant in a room with someone or the other. Don’t we? We can neither shut the elephant completely out of the room nor make contact with it. It is just there. Sometimes, you don’t do anything but just ignore it.

Of course. A valuable relationship is at stake. You don’t wanna risk it by confronting and losing the person whose value in your life holds more significance. You may choose to ignore the elephant instead. (When the no. of elephants keep increasing then you shut out the elephant one by one out of the room.)

Or you may be too timid when it comes to confrontation even when you are not bothered about losing the person. As simple as that. You just don’t wanna tarnish your reputation earned from them.

Or, you are this empath who is again a mix of timidity and pragmatism.

Anyway, all I wanna say is, just don’t fall in the last category because, damn, they carry a truck load of emotions that even they cannot pull it altogether. They crumble. They are the cats who walk on the wall. Not jumping. But just walking. That’s pretty hard if you ask me. They just wanna reach the end of the compound and take a deep breath. Heave a relieved sigh.

What is with me? Cats? Elephants? Oh, you get the point.

I just can’t get enough of this word. I guess, it is a tacenda. 🙂

~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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