Thoughts of an IT professional while sitting in a cubicle…

Here is the list, I made it up 70% out of my own experience but I later realized almost everybody feels the same way.

  • On a Monday – “Can’t it be Friday already?”
  • On a Tuesday – “Feels like Monday part 2” *rolling eyes*
  • On a Wednesday – “Only two more days for the weekend! Yay! Any new movie releasing?” Starts to plan for the weekend.
  • On a Thursday – “No mood to work but if I finish all these tasks today tomorrow I can be free!”
  • On a Friday – “Meeting? Today? Ahgrgg whatever! Let’s get it over with.”
  • “Woah, is it just 10.30 AM, I am feeling hungry already.”
  • After 15 minutes of work, “It is break time!”
  • Scrolling down the contacts available on Office Messenger and thinking, “How come these people leave so early and come late too(also the vice versa)? She/He is online?”, asking to join for the break in the BOA.
  • Coming to office after a vacation – “Maybe I should plan my next vacation now..hmmm”
  • Scrolling FB feed – “LOL! What a funny meme!! Oh god, people coming, ALT+TAB! ALT+TAB!”
  • “I am the master of fudgelling.”
  • “Maybe I should resign and travel with my savings. Oh? Savings? Really? No, work is God! FOCUS! We need MONEY to travel you goof!”
  • “I can’t understand a thing. What is this code?”
  • “Why can’t time run faster? Run time! Run. Run like Bolt!”
  • “Alright, this is it, I am gonna be productive today”. Check emails. Work for an hour. Go to BOA, gossip, chit-chat and return. “Done for the day, I just have to kill hours till I leave.”
  • At 6.30 PM (Almost every weekday but especially on a Friday)- “Okay, the TL/PM isn’t at the desk. Let’s sneak away!”
  • Scrolls Insta/Facebook/Quora feed. Gets bored. Works. Gets bored.
  • “I wanna go home.”
  • Reading the farewell email from a fellow colleague with a smirk, “Lucky you. I wish my day came sooner.”


Picture Courtesy – Internet.

~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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