Just us.

Do you ever think of me

Now that I am not there with you?

Right beside you, anytime I want to be

Anytime I will be – that ability is no more.

Is there any kind of void you feel

Like I do? Because life has its own way

Of inserting love in the physical distance

Which befell between us

along with voidness.

I wonder if my thoughts pop inside

Your brain, because my brain does

Nothing but that.

I miss the breath I take

Of the same air that you do now.

I miss holding your hands

When the sea breeze kisses our faces.

I miss not holding your hands

After we enter our known boundary.

I miss getting lost in your cozy hugs

When I am wearing Miss.Annoyed tiara.

I miss the impulsive shopping

And all the food raving.

I miss the eye-locks we make,

Which is sometimes impossible to break.

I miss dining with you; listening

To your food loving talks.

I just miss…

seeing you everyday

Just like I see the sun.

I miss your kisses, walk-and-talks,

In front of our house blocks.

I miss myself when I think

I couldn’t be what I used to be.

I miss every little thing about us

That made us, us.

~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~


3 thoughts on “Just us.”

  1. Lovegikamana kavithai… Plain and par. Now what was “that brain’s, where this void should’va popped-up, reply? :S 😛


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