Poetry Day 2017.

I have been into writing poetry ever since I knew I am capable of handling a heart break. It easily can heal you without even knowing you are capable of healing.

Poetry moves you forward from the point where you are stuck in pain. It widens the proximity of your place in life, lets you see through things that you never knew it existed in the first place. It ingresses life for inanimate object through imagery, metaphors, similies. It is the cornerstone for your creative mind and a heart with pain.

Poetry hits you right in the nerve. It has the power to numb all the feelings and emotions that rushes in you through words and evoke feelings you had no idea you could feel in anyway.

I discovered a poet in me by writing my self proclaimed poems on Wattpad. In two months, I was done with 100 poems.

A tribute to the beautiful form of escape there is. To poetry, from me, on the occasion of the World Poetry day. In my most favourite forms.

Tyburn form:





Trying to pen mindful, thoughtful words

Pours in strength that’s fearful yet peaceful

Acrostic form:

Poetry, a salvation;

Ordinary is extraordinarily

Envisioned through imagery;

Twisted words, varying in

Range of depth, making emotions,

Yeasty and creatively vastly.

I wish all the poets around the world, a happy Poetry day. 🙂

Feel, write, be a poet! 🙂

~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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