On Regrets

I personally think, we don’t realize how we change throughout the journey of life but we are well aware of the fact that, we change with respect to time.

Our minds and hearts are wired to different thoughts, every single day, right? That is a tiny fragment in the process of our mental metamorphism.

I was just brooding(as usual) when I was busy having a little me-time in the break-out area. Over the last few days, something about my past was working me up in a not-so-proud way.

I kept jogging my memory to the lane when I used to write a lot in a day. Lot of poems – even when they seem a tad bit ditzy for me. But a few pieces that I wrote, surely kicked in pride and a wide smile.

I think they deserve a repost on my blog. I’ll be posting in the upcoming weeks.


Picture : The one which got published in Idea Monk’s blog.

I wrote a poem on regrets and here it is:

Life is only once, they say

So why make sorrows get in your way?

Follow the beats and words of your heart

Don’t let disappointments tear you apart

We cannot say if we will live tomorrow

So live this moment without being shallow

Pain and hurt, comes now and then

Kick those off with a powerful grin

Tears can be the part of life

But don’t let it drop you as a knife

Umpteen minutes left to live

Ace each  second with felicity you derive

Fall in love and smile a lot

Drive your life in an unregretful yacht

Life is once and only for YOU

Paint it with hues and  live it through

Life with NO regrets

is what you deserve.

~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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