Confessions of a Procrastinator – Part 1

Hello Readers.

I was planning to post the first March post around first week.

I had so many ideas on what to write.

I did take hints on my notes.

I did sit for 5 mins straight without losing my focus, thinking to expand the length of my article further by developing the hints I had penned.

But then, a really, totally unrelated thought caught my brain’s attention and it created a linked list of thoughts.

Brain : When was the last time I read a book in one sitting? Do I own this book?

Oh, I now realise I could get more offers and price reduction if I pay via Amazon balance. I came to the home screen of Amazon. It displayed quite a collection of women’s tops.

Heart: Ugh. I hate shopping dresses online though. What if the size doesn’t fit me? Who will go through the procedure of returning back and waiting for the money to get credited back in the account?

Brain: Oh shacks, I gotta make lunch. I am so hungry. But I am too lazy to make. Wish I could go home. Mom would have made everything ready.

Heart: Okay, let me eat. Wait, where’s my phone? I need to watch some bloopers of FRIENDS while I eat.

Brain: No, Shruthi. Listen. You can better read.

Heart: Okay, cool. Grab the Kindle on your left hand.

Brain: Okay, time to take a nap.

Heart: You know what? I am really ain’t that sleepy. Might as well watch some movie.

Time passes by and then comes the night.

Me: What did I do today? Nothing productive. Verbally criticising myself in the head.

Brain and Heart(Chorus): You were supposed to write down the article you were thinking to publish.

Me: *feeling guilty and sleep deprived by over thinking*

Thanks to my heart and brain.

You see? This is what happens most of the times. This instance is one amongst the many.

I know there are so many acknowledging and relatable nods and smiles on your sparkling lazy faces!

More on this, later.

~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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