You are the train of thoughts that didn’t make it to my digital blog but to my diary.

You are the traffic signal which I wouldn’t break but I would long to get stuck in.

You are not the stars and moon in my sky but the melody which makes me to stargaze the moonlit sky.

You are the muse which didn’t appear once in a blue moon but kept pecking me at the back of my mind every night.

You are the breeze that I would love to enjoy in the terrace alone rather than in a crowded beach.

You are the word which should be said out loud rather than whispering to myself.

You are the bike ride I would take in a street blanketed with dark solitude than on a sunny day.

You are the silence I wish to speak.

You are the something and anything I look for in everything.

You are not just you.

You are also a part of me.

~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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