​What should you do when you are judged? 

Voluntarily or involuntarily, you are being judged. By people you know and people you don’t know.

As long as the snap judgments remain within the walls of the presumptuous gossip mongers, there is a thinner streak of consternation for you to go through.

But most of the times, the walls of the gossip mongers are so thin that a bleak wind could tumble it down and the judgments flies faster among the groups.

So, now the message has reached you.

What reaction does the universe expect from you? What do the creators of the judgments expect from you?

The reaction to this action totally is subjective to individuals.

Few would take a quote for those judgmental creeps and put on social media so that the message reaches them?  Sure. But not better.

Few would whine about them to their set of friends. Not better.

Few would take it in one ear and let it pass through the other and mind their own business.

And there would be a few like me. No idea about how to react but are on the edge to react. We are simply tired of hearing all the judgments made about our lives.

We think of all the comebacks we would wanna say the next time we would run into them(the judgment creators!) but too nice and polite to even be harsh on their face. In the end, we simply ignore you like you ignore the common sense which ideally you should possess. You see, we, definitely are the group of people who would love to keep our lives to ourselves and wouldn’t mind what’s going on in someone else’s life until the person himself/herself invites us to take part in it.

You see, we mind our own business which is formidable task for you(you who judge!) to do. 

Only one thing leaves me pensive. Everybody has some kinda problem they have in their life to face. Amidst all the ruckus of your own life, trying to get up from the debris of the shattered pieces of your own life, how do you get time and energy to judge and question the lives of people whom you know barely by the name and vice versa?

I leave this question open to everyone who has gone through the same.
To answer this post’s title,

Let it go. Because in the end you have no other go. 

~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~




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