Massive strike of juxtaposition.

Mumbai has only two seasons, they say(Don’t ask me who!). Summer and monsoon.

Winter? Nah. Or so I thought, until mid week of December,2016 arrived along with foggy mornings and evenings. Never mind about the day after morning and before late evening because I am stuck inside my office with temperature way lesser than what is outside.

Now this unexpected arrival of “Mumbai Winter” was a pure stroke of serendipity for me.

Who doesn’t love to cuddle with pillows underneath two layers of bed sheet with fans turned off? Yes. Just what I wanted, being in Mumbai and having witnessed only scorching days of summer,monstrous monsoon, and now, the windy winter(just okayish though).

So, all good so far?



Have you ever thought if there exists a word opposite of serendipity?

Yes. It does. I stumbled upon it on the internet yesterday, being a curious cat and all, I somehow couldn’t register the word in mind.

I took a screenshot of it from Pinterest and took a look at it more than ten times.

Still, no luck. The word was too laborious for me to recall.

Today morning, all the excitement I had nurtured for Mumbai’s winter came crashing down to pieces.

Why? Thanks to an awesome combination of a sickness there exists.

Dry and sore throat, cold and cough, feverish feel and shivering body.

You know what they say right? How mind works in all possible mysterious ways. My brain is weirdest and most mysterious of all I guess.

The word, this word below, futile off all attemps to remember this word, popped up in my mind.

My very sickness situation had to remind me this word which co-existed very well.

Will I ever forget this word again?

I hear you shaking your head no.

Yeah, I won’t. The sickness and zemblanity juxtaposed with the winter and serendipity. So how can I?

On a totally irrelevant note, I blogged on a Wednesday. Good that I’m keeping up my resolution. (to blog twice a week. *Self pat*)

~ © 2017 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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