Summary of my 2016.

Finally, the time has come. To end a beautiful, yet a bitter-sweet year to remember forever. To look back this year- I went through my journal, the uncluttered gallery on my laptop labelled with months name suffixed with ‘2016’, other wallpapers and quotes that I found relatable to what I was going through at that moment and my blog posts.

Conclusion? I was happy. I have been happier than I expected. Less regrets and considerably appaudable goals achieved. *Pat on the shoulder*

Yet, I shouldn’t forget what 2016 taught me in the darkest of the times.

I intended to retrospect and rehash on it and I recalled a handful of life lessons I learnt. Particularly in the order given.

  • Being frugal.- I haven’t mastered this art but I have at least begun with a good step and have made a good progress. From buying anything to nothing, there is a thin line between being a spendthrift and frugal, that line is called savings.
  • Less planning, more unplanning. – Most of the happy and cherished memories I have of 2016 were due to spontaneity. Yes, plans were made and executed. But the unplanned plans tops in the list of happy memories that I could fetch instantly.
  • Learnt to unlearn – I learnt how I was doing a lot of things rightly in a wrong way and corrected them to do it in a right way.
  • Laziness yields a lot of regrets. – Oh, this goes without saying. Man, the excuses I came up with, to postpone my writing sessions of the day caused a twinge in my soul that yearns for some productivity. All set to procrastinate the thought of procrastination in 2017.
  • Chores are fun – Yes. You heard it right. When done in the right way, they are fun. (I think I’ll be writing about this next year!)
  • Art of management – Every effing thing is management. Your time, your space, your relationships, and you. If you learn to manage, you rock all the way!
  • People matter. – Sometimes what you do doesn’t matter solely, but with whom you do matters and establishes a whole new meaning; projects a different perception (in both good and bad ways)
  • Write everything down – You see? You think? You remember? You learn? Write. On the sticky notes in phone, on your journal, on your desk note, anything that is pen-downable.
  • Que será, será – Things might go awry, most of the times. You will hate your life, you will hate the present, you will hold on to the past and expect that will happen again, you will never let gibe future a chance but in the end, whatever will be, will be. You will have to live with it.
  • Live life – This is the most important thing I learnt this year. Sounds simple, but it really isn’t. Amongst all the poking noses, eagle eyes and judgemental jokers, gossiping goofs, and advising airheads, to live your life the way you want to is not an effortless action. Despite, I learnt when to pay attention, when to let go, when you are accountable for an explanation, when you aren’t, when to let know, when to shut up, when and what to say and what not to. If you can handle the people who matter to you the most, you can simple don’t mind the people who think they matter to you but you really don’t give a dangling damn about them. It is easy that way.

Okay, the philosophies of my 2016 ends here with a picture collage of my best(self-proclaimed) pictures of 2016.

Until next year,

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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