Amidst all the chaos that is going on in reality an escape from it to my own dark world of thoughts is much needed now and then.

Irrespective of where I’m and what I am doing, I immediately cease my thought process to write if I am driven to.

That’s how poetry happens to me. Wondering about the littlest things possible, staring into am abyss of object and getting lost; pulled back to reality by a muse which shouldn’t be missed to be penned.

Let the reality wait for me to sink it it. “Behold until I finish scribbling my thought.”, I say and I happily engage in writing on my phone mostly.

That’s how this piece happened written on my own poetry form which I call, A tree of seven©®.

Because the form of the poetry starts off with one word in a line till 7 words in a line and descending back to 1 from 7. I kinda liked it when I invented it in my boring office cubicle. Mostly poetry forms were invented with respect to syllables in a line. But I thought, “hey why not? For the love of words!“.

So, here it goes.

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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