When muse hits you…

I love how the muses work. They can either hunt you like a lion hunting for its prey or it can let you starve to death like in a desert without water.

So, it is being a mundane day for me. The time passing by like an old man going on a one day pilgrimage from his house to work and coming back home from work.

It is as usual as sun shining, I am staring at my system whereas my thoughts are suspended in my mind.

I dart my eyes from the monitor to the tangled earphones lying in front of the monitor.

*muse alert*

What I realize is something beyond the natural ability to believe it was I who thought that thought.

If you see, we all get irritated with the tangled earphones. Right? Just when we are in intense need of those wires to keep us wired, they challenge us an ordeal to untangle them.

Only… If and only if we badly are in need of them, we take up the challenge. You have no clue how your hands work but the mind buckles up and triggers the orders to your fingers. You untangle it successfully and wear that proud smile on your face and are so ready to listen to whatever you were planning on.

If you look tired, unready and definitely letting that kill the mood for being wired just by looking at the ordeal it throws at you, then you keep it with till you get the heart and mind to do so. Right? You drop the idea of even using it.

Now perceive the earphones as your life with the problems you are presented on the platter. Just problems. Of any kind. Of any size. From any sources. If and only if we have the heart to face it, over come it, you can actually be wired to your life. (Ahem ahem, too much philosophy? 🤔 )

Self-taught lesson from this perception : Start writing when muse sits on the throne in your mind. Yes, ignore everything around you and listen only to the voice of the muse. Who cares about the build of the code that failed. That can stay. But this won’t. Bloody muse. Until next time. 

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~a ~


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