A pre-Monday rant! 

Okay, okay. I get you. On the mention of the word “rant“, you would heave an exasperated sigh. Or did the word, pre-Monday get you? Or… just Monday?

Oh, first things first. This post doesn’t apply for the people who wouldn’t crib about getting up on a Monday morning, let alone early  morning. Good going to you guys! You can skip reading this post! 😀 😛

For people like me, who are the most actually, have you ever felt so happy on Thursday nights? I mean… it is like, traveling to your favorite place of all time. Knowing you are on your way to that destination which will evoke the untold, impalpable and ineffable feel inside of you? You know you are gonna reach there. You will be ready to wait and also be impatient at the same time. Overwhelmed? Not so much. But underwhelmed? Nope. Perfect happiness it is, right? Now that destination is nothing but the weekend for me.

Fridays at office be like full-on fudgelling mode on! Survive the 9.5 hours compliance and get out of there like a jet plane.

Now my weekend party mode starts. Whatsapp messages are overlooked. Only substantial goals are of my concern.

• Mostly thinking and over-thinking.

• Retrospection and Introspection.

• Worthwhile time with laptop.

• Discussing every possible thing I like and dislike with my roomie.

• Ponder whether to cook or order. If the date is between 1-10, order. If the date is between 11-20, experimenting dishes in the cooking paradise. If the date is between 20-30/31, go for optimal cooking, i.e COOK! ANYTHING YOU CAN WITH WHATEVER YOU HAVE.

• Do some household chores and be a neat bachelorette.

• Read trashy and epic books.

• TRY TO WRITE. FAIL. Drown in a sea of self-loathing for a while. Seek inspiration. Download and surf for more quotes. Read again. Now write.

• Go out for a bite.

• Watch some series randomly.

• Stare at the wall. Fall asleep.

Now before I even start to comprehend missing any one among these, arrives the Sunday night in a jiffy. Honestly,  it feels like taking a nap. Before you explore that little slumber-land, you wake up with a jolt!  Boom.

Analyze the productivity rate (really?! Don’t even dare!), you will come to know you have successfully done nothing. Now that’s something too. At least now you can lie down and retrospect the thought in the picture. (one of your weekends goal achieved, yay!) We all do anyway, right?

Pre-Mondays(Sunday nights) are like traveling back from a vacation. No matter how long it seemed to you when you were wondering about it on a Thursday night, it is as horribly short-lived like the cool air your fan emits as soon as it is switched on, on a sultry night of summer. This dawns upon you only on a Sunday night! No?

Enough is enough. Time to grab my Kindle and doze off.

Now don’t wait to hit that snooze button tomorrow morning! Night y’all!

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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