The day I bought Kindle Paperwhite.

*heaves a sigh of relief*

*whistles the tune of achievement*

*wears that goofy grin on the face which is hard to break down into skeptical line*

*stares at the screen, deciding to write about something dear*

A thought popped up while writing this post. Years after when I read this post, I’ll still be grinning like how I’m now. By now, from the title of this post you would have guessed what I’m excited about. I’m not a person who normally blows one’s own trumpet ; show off what I own, to the internet but buying Kindle was a whole new phase for me in my life.

This investment is something which made me feel proud about myself and after hitting 23, in my goals list, I crossed off the first one. That’s why this is so special to be even blogged about.

This is also to emphasize and to remind myself that I can actually SAVE money and also spend wisely. You see this ain’t the first time I’m doing it. I have also bought a laptop for my own use but buying Kindle in the saved money was entirely different.

Being frugal and thrifty this time, buying a thing which I was dreaming about holding it, is just amazing to see it come true.

It’s not like a child buying a toffee with the balance chillarai that its parents give.

It is like a kid breaking open its piggy bank to buy something big.

And here I’m.

The first book I bought in Kindle and the one I’m currently reading is, The diary of a Young Girl. 

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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