The time I went on a bookspree ! 

My love for books is like Hazel’s love for Augustus. It will last even after I’m no more.

However less time I get to spend with those magic beans nowadays, I never fail to pamper myself and them by buying them.

The thing is, even when I’m broke I never think twice to buy a book. One such day was the day  I went to Sunderbhai hall in Church gate, Mumbai where this event The Books By Weight was held. 

It is held in different places in Mumbai which will last for a week or around 10 days.

The moment I got an invite on Facebook, I was so sure I should attend this. I imagined the resulting book haul too.

The moment I reached the hall, I was transfixed. The musty smell of the books went straight through my nostrils and hit the lungs so hard that my eye went heart eyed like the emoji one.

I wandered and stalked all the aisles.

And the result was….

Yes. 3kgs. All are selected with utmost scrutinization after 2+ hours.

Photographer behind the scenes when I was glamorously romancing with the books was this poor soul who doesn’t fancy reading books but stood 2 hours with me walking behind me like a pup when I was stalking busily.(Pic below)

This is the “I am sorry” selfie that I took after quenching our thirst with badam milk. 😀

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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