I’m a Paradox…

In some way, no, most of the way I feel I’m a paradox.

Haven’t you thought you are one too?

I want to share my experience to the world but then I’m scared of my privacy breach.

I want to get everything that I like but I also am apprehensive about being a spend thrift.

I want a stable heart but also I love when the fickle impulses get the best out of me.

When I wanna stay home, I am out there growing tired of meandering. When I’m home, curled up on the bed with a book, I keep wondering how would it be to visit all the destinations on my Travel Bucket List.

I want to buy all the books that has a catchy blurb but I also think I’m hoarding books.

I find social media boring but I seek its feed to stay updated.

I want to write to change the world but I also feel nobody is gonna care about what I write. They are gonna read and forget about its mere existence in the long run.

I want to sort my priorities out in my life but I also wanna shed all the responsibilities and go in hiding.

I’m bored of monotony and scared of risks.

I sometime want what I usually don’t like and I ignore when I get what I want.

I accept that people and things are a temporal part of life but I hanker for some kind of permanence too.

I’m either deprived of all emotions with just an abysmal void or numb from feeling all kinds of emotions by being overwhelmed at the same point of time.

I want to be and I don’t want to be too.

Basically, all the metaphors, analogies, similies or any kind of figure of speech for that matter can not explain how much of a paradox I’m.

In fact we all are. ❤ 

To being paradoxical. Cheers. Embrace the paradox in you, just because. 


~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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