Mumbai and me : An ineffable relationship! 

Moving to Mumbai, just for a job is what was imprinted in my mind when I dropped my bags on the Thane railway station platform. Totally new environment was giving me apprehensive vibes mixed with excitement. A fat chance for me to define myself. I knew it was going to be hard. I knew I had to fight any ordeals that might come on my way of knowing who really I am.

The first few days, I still remember – I missed home food so much. I missed the music of listening to my native tongue so much. I wanted to learn Hindi too ; still learning.

After three months of training, I was praying for a deputation in Mumbai till my bond gets over ; I got it and I was jumping in joy.

Those three months, after a lot of strolls, jaunts, eccentric people and detours in local trains, metro and what not! – I fell in love with Mumbai.

Nonetheless, then followed the real deal.

The real deal of how am I gonna make it work by myself here for a longer stint?

The deal of getting out of company accommodation and stepping into the real world of havoc. Packing all our stuff we switched two temporary houses to move into our own rented house.

Mumbai taught me how to live in a house which our moms pull of like a pro. The moment I started unpacking and settling in a house, the third time – like a gypsy I felt – I knew my mom was the greatest person on the world to have done all this without my help or my brother’s help and us, messing around with her packing plans. I learnt space-management, time-management. No wonder why all the moms are management experts without a degree. House management teaches you everything needed, enough.

Mumbai taught me to be a spend thrift and also to be a saver. When being what, mattered. Still matters. From groceries to furniture, from buying dresses to buying tchotchkes, from saving some bucks to spending more and vice versa. I was broke and I was also rich in a same month.

Mumbai brought out the explorer in me. I started yearning for different things that excited me, captivated me, lit my brain and heart. Moreover, it brought out the thalassophile in me – thanks to Marine drive.

Mumbai made me fall in love with the word – sonder. I never fail to wonder about my environment. I learnt a lot from people around me just by mere observation.

Mumbai taught me time is priceless and it is a sprinter. I have had so many “live in the present” moments.

Mumbai made me mercurial. I started getting adaptable to all kinds of situations. I still am. It taught me the hacks of survival in a chaotic and predominantly fast moving world.

Mumbai made me feel the real independence.

There were so many judgments, mistakes, lessons, conceptual self definitions and memories I have made in this one and a three quarter year of my life in Mumbai. My love for Mumbai will be eternal. The relationship I hold with the city, will always not be enough to put into words.

(Image taken in front of Central Railways Office, Mumbai. Aka Victoria Terminus.)

I’m going to try to relive all the memories I made by writing about it and sharing few pictures too 🙂

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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