Day 1 of Not one of those “Just another days”

“Do what makes you happy”

In the city where commuting is cheap and easy( Where else? MUMBAI!) , since the day I landed and have paid for every auto on which I have been, I have encountered only male auto drivers. Few kind and honest drivers who would strike up a conversation with you and
who would willingly talk in English when you tell them that you don’t know Hindi fluently in your broken Hindi, some drivers who would race other autos like it is a car race or something, some drivers who would give the exact change back to you even if it just a
rupee, some drivers who even when they have change would tell you they don’t have. Every encounter has been interesting in a way. One among those, the following one was the totally different and the best encounter ever so far.

One day, I had to take an auto to the railway station from the bank. I stood by the road side and started thumbing for empty autos’ attention. An auto came to a sudden halt in front of me. Nervous and shell-shocked in a weird-but-happy way I was, unable to open my mouth even in awe. I was smiling to myself and the urge to strike a conversation with the driver was getting too hard for me to resist. I just had to talk. Something. This was new. I hadn’t seen such scene in my life nor do I know if I will, ever again. So I had to seize it. All the 5 minutes throughout the journey to the destination I was looking at the driver and how SHE was driving, where she applied brakes, where she rightly put the indicator, her body language just glittered with so much confidence. She looked me in the eye through the rear-view mirror and smiled. I smiled back sheepishly, framing the question in Hindi in my mind for me to fire. I got down at last. I was rummaging for the purse in my bag, where I immediately utilized the minute and blurted, “This is awesome, I have never seen a lady drive an auto, since when are you driving? This is so cool”and I smiled widely at her.

She thanked me and smiled. “1 year it has been”, she answered with a smile with which it clearly indicated her contentedness and confidence.

“Aapka naam?” I asked. “Vidhya”, she said by pulling that stick in the auto up which geared up the auto for her next ride. She smiled at me and said, “Good day”. Indeed it was.

I walked all the way till I reached my office desk, thinking how it will be to do what makes you actually happy and content. I didn’t take the smile off my face, the whole day. Till date, she inspires me in some way when I lack confidence in myself and devalue my capabilities. I wish I could run into her again, to have another interesting conversation.

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


5 thoughts on “Day 1 of Not one of those “Just another days””

  1. amazing shruthi jothsana…its a little ride but you have described well, also some words are very touching and very new to me like “thumbed” “sheepishly” “rummaging” Keep writing..From now onwards i am your big fan

    Liked by 1 person

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