Poetry of the day – #Day 7

Mom(poly acrostic)

Maker of home and habits
Offerer of opulent heart and energy
My inadvertent go-to.

Magical holder of all things, knower
Of all my emotions, whether I’m near or far
My unyielding strength and support system.

My role model,
One and only eternal heart, that
Moulded me into who I’m now.

Mends my heart, with her
Overflowing love and food,
My alter-ego, my lovable mom. 🙂


So, I’m writing this after giving it a lot of thought. Because, I was so overwhelmed by the posts I scrolled through on the social media and I missed my mom so much( I stay about 900kms away from home), despite wishing her on Mother’s day, she didn’t even care about there is a special day , just for her to get all the deserving appreciation for making such a beautiful home and also me, as a woman I’m now. She was her usual own on the phone. I thought she deserved at least some of my beatable novice writing and here it is. I’m gonna show this to her, obviously. Because usually she doesn’t read my works. Because she doesn’t know that I write 🙂 Hoping that she will like this 🙂

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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