Poetry of the day – #Day 6

Technically I missed  yesterday’s post just by 44 minutes. But that’s okay. Here’s my poem. Since I’m moving into a new place and also how much I’m gonna miss the old one. A free verse poem on Home.

Like how there is a life
In every thing that exists
There is a home in
Every house that’s built.
You create many firsts,
Which you never will realize
Until you lock the door
For the last time.

You can never bang on those walls
Taking the anger out on it
You can never enjoy your book
By the side of the balcony and bird calls
You can never cook or boil
In the kitchen which now
Is lifeless without air,
The air of your food which it has been
Breathing for so long

The paint that came off a bit
Here and there, when you
Took off the stuck pictures
On the wall with dry stuck paint in the corner?
That’s the walls way of saying,
Take some of my paint with you,
Never forget me.

On those floors, you can never dance
Tap and tap and thuds

The switches will miss its pet pats,
There will be a darkness even
For lightbulbs, only for a while.

Hey, but they will move on.
They will move on with a new family.

You know you can never enter
Again as possessor
So forget not
To pack all your memories along
With your belongings
Before you lock that door,
For one last time.

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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