20 perfect things ..

20 things that seems perfect for any person who is swimming  in an ocean of quarter life crisis!( not particularly in the order as written)

20) A day off at work. (Tell me about it!!)

19) Buying a little something for yourself every month even from the meagre salary you get.(apart from sending some money home!)

18) The quick breaks between work.

17) Listening to songs, watching series/movies, reading a book when you commute.

16) Not having to move out of the bed on weekends.

15) But at times, having to execute amazing unplanned plans on weekends with that special squad.

14) A stocked up fridge with snacks to nibble between particular time intervals.

13) A fully charged gadget

12) Having to talk to someone every single day whom you care about and who care about you.

11) To make a pot-luck meal

10) Friday nights.

9) Visiting home.(doesn’t count if you work at your home town -_-)

8) Hitting the malls,watching a picture even if it is as boring as your work, window shopping, checking out dudes and girls and everything you can do inside a mall.

7) Realizing you have some time to finally pursue your long lost hobby.

6) Pizza, burger, aloo-items, fast food, icecreams and CHOCOLATE!!!

5) Taking a vacation and wishing it could be your career!

4) When the thing you cooked came out well than you expected it to be. (If not, who cares? At least you don’t have to debug, test and re-develop it again immediately :/ )

3) The moment of discovery of your passion and every iota of time spent on RnD-ing about it.

2) Internet

1) Finally, drawing a smile of realization that you are not the only square peg in the round hole after reading this! 😀

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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