Who am I? See my gallery


“Tell me about yourself “

If your brain ever wants to punish you for all the stupid things you think of without its acknowledgement, well its immense pleasure in giving brain farts when trying to think of yourself is the brutal punishment ever given by it.

We stammer, hesitate, stutter, hem and haw if someone asks you to tell about yourself. No one in this world knows oneself fully. We know only enough to convince the questioner. Every attempt we put to know oneself better leads only to know more about ourself.

But in the era of Internet, in just one click we save all the images we think we relate to, which describes the best of us, that we really like, that inspires us, be it quotes, people whom we love, people who love us, people who inspire us and many more. Maybe that’s why we all put a lock for the gallery. Because, if a tiny sneak peek is possible for a total stranger into your phone gallery, it could actually reveal who you are. Well, if not totally at least enough to know the likes of yours.

Well, you know what they say, your thoughts make you who you are. When your thoughts are scrolled down in your feed, Instagram gallery feed, you save all those. Because your mind feeds on them. We don’t open up much in words as we do in images today. Isn’t that right? Be it a funny limerick, a painful quote, a happy message, is more intricately conveyed over a picture.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I guess, now, a phone gallery is worth a million words about the person who owns it.


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