Doesn’t my title of the post sound like the name of the band that Chandler and Ross had way back in college?

Well, I couldn’t think of anything else to title the post which could describe my torture of apprehensive phase I am going through in life. I also think it briefs the definition of life. In life, you have no way to attain a few things that you REALLY want, others you have a way of accepting even if you don’t really want. I guess, that’s just how life works.

Pretty much everything that is yet to happen in your life goads a pang of distress in you, especially if you are the one who is to make a choice about anything that could bring about a prominent change.

For example, let’s say if you hunting for an apartment just for you, to live on your own. It is not easy as it sounds. You gotta make sure the house is affordably a second-home. Then comes a list of must-have attributes like enough carpet square feet for accommodating people who is gonna live, ample ventilation, a tranquil environment, if at all there is a non-existent friendly neighbor at least not an annoying one, etc,. Probably you can add more subjected to individual’s interest to define a perfect second-home.

Well, life won’t give you the house, easily and not with every attributes fused in one. Certainly it is gonna strike one or two off and make you accept that it is okay to live in the house that is totally not perfect. But the significance lies in making that second-home nearly equal to your actual home. And the hunting won’t end in a day or two. You have to roam like a dog to find the address, an unknown force due to frustration pulls you down. You break down. You whine. Every single thing around you seems to get on your nerves as worse as possible. You lose your cool. But when you have a way to figure things out, you resuscitate to your actual common sense only to realize that you have been giving all of your energy in focusing the things you had no way of taking control over to the things you had a way to take control over.

At least, this is what apartment hunting in Mumbai taught me of life. Or at least, that’s how I am gonna perceive it as to be.

Some things in life, you own them your way and let them go because of no other way.

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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