Food + Thoughts = Ideas.

“I guess I haven’t discovered the type of food for my random thoughts to turn into ideas”, is what I my brain cells echoed in my head when I saw the title of this post on the wall of my new office canteen. It was of font size where you could read from apart 300  metres too. The equation was paint-written in beautifully cursive small case letters with coffee splashing on the orange painted wall.

Immediately I felt hungry after seeing the equation. Because the first word I read was food. I am that person who is striken by hunger whenever I’m bored ; I eat a lot and I am skinny. (I can hear you going, ” Whoa girl, lucky you!!”)

I sat with my snacks on the table and started comprehending on what that equation meant. Why here? In an IT office canteen?

Could it be that it stresses the employees to eat well to render the best in the project? Trust me, it can be one of the top reasons.

Could it be for the over-active team members who put in the best efforts past 9 hours compliance just to solve critical issues, forgetting their stomach needs fuel?

Could it be for the caterers themselves to keep a check on the food they make for all the employees who depend of canteen for all 3 meals of the day?

Or could it mean only that you should never fail to nourish your brain with mental food for the thoughts to turn into ideas? Efforts, hard work, endurance, determination etc?

From my observation made by the sight of the people dining in the canteen, I concluded that it could vary among the people. But one thing is for sure. A human being cannot think properly if he is not well fed. When we are busy leading this mundane life, chasing all the materialistic desires, we often forget to pay heed to what our body needs. Good food. Rest. Stress-free mind and whatnot? We eat in a rush to finish our work in a jiffy. Jiffy in IT has a variable definition depending on the work. Sometimes, jiffy = I’ll become invisible.

I’m not talking about that weekends wala take-aways or the time you cook at home and dinner to your heart’s content. I’m talking about a proper meal intake on all 3 times of a day , especially on weekdays/ working days.

This also reminds me of Virginia Woolf’s quote, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

At the end of the day, we bleed sweats to bread. Don’t just bleed , also bread well.

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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