My love for oblivion


Mumbai. A city that almost never sleeps. Lifeline of the city are many things. One of them is this beautiful promenade called The Marine Drive. One of the most beautiful places to see; a visual treat to newbies out there in the city. If you want to devour the complete night of oblivion, a perfect place to be. Spending the whole night there, lying on the concrete slabs which is threaded by cylindrical rocks, stargazing with the person next to you, whom you value or just by yourself, comprehending the whatnots and whatifs or just being there, laying still and enjoying the void filling your mind and tranquility filling the night, just ineffable moment it will be.

Feeling disturbed? Be there. Feeling ecstatic? Be there. The sea blending with the cloak of the skyline just swoons your eyesight. You will feel grateful for something you have never felt before. Sit there, listen to the songs you love. Grab a cup of chai. Savour all the oblivion that is pouring out there.

As long as I stay in Mumbai, out of all the memories I make, all my top most favorites will be the ones which happened right here.

Because, I love getting lost in the oblivion of thoughts and also the place where I lose it.

P.s – It’s me in the picture and the place is, duh; Marine Drive❤❤ !

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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