When in honeymoon..

Pre-read Warning : If you are looking forward to reading any obscene content judging by the title of this post, I am sorry for this heads-up. It is totally not what you think it could be about.


I am 22. Obviously unmarried. Engineering graduate who has a penchant for writing. Indispensably working in a software organization. 16.5 months experienced as fudgeller(please google the meaning of the verb ‘fudgel’ as the multicrastor in me is reluctant to type away the meaning here.)

Given all the details above, you ask me why am I referring this post to a period which only married people go through? i.e Honeymoon? Well, if you are benched in an organization, apparently they call it a “Honeymoon period”. The first time I heard it from my colleague when my answer to her question, “Which project are you in?” was “I am on bench”, I was shocked to the very core. She said, “Aww, enjoy your honeymoon period”. Did she think I was mentally married to my job? Hell no. Then why do they call it that? God knows and I don’t have a tiny bit of interest in knowing it too. But for all I know is, it is ridiculously unfunny. Yet, out of obligation you gotta let out a “hehe-yeah” chuckle. Inside mind : poker face.

So, what generally do we do when in ‘honeymoon’ period?

a) You first panic. Panic strikes in and you go all paranoid about the chances of losing your job if your organization is in a bad pages of the market book.
b) Then you start to settle in, knowing there would be no threat to your job, all you have to do is wait patiently.
c) You have no idea how to kill the time, so you either swipe in, bunk and roam, come back to office, swipe out and call it a day.
d) If you are afraid of the compliance and of the surveillance subjection, you come and sit idle(or Quora!).
e) READ! AN AMAZING PERIOD TO READ! About anything! You catch on with all the current affairs through newspapers. Explore the books in your company’s library.(Recommended)
f) You feed on coffee thrice a day and your brain can’t get enough of it because it should make the eyes stay open. You have time to taste all the snacks in your canteen. Whenever you want. Food = True Love, ain’t it?
g) You can take up Cubicle-Yoga. The posture is, you should lean back against the chair, hunch down your shoulders and your head and start smart-phoning! Like a yoga mat, it requires a phone charger. (Symbolization much?)
h) I can think of many things, but my fudgelling hours (9 hours of it!) are over for the day. So my brain insists on catching that train to my home.

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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