Ancora Imparo

Have you ever been there? Where? In a lost world, where even for an expression or a metaphor you couldn’t come up with an example to even begin to explain where you are , in the realm of life? Every single freaking thing inside of you, around you, would make you dubious and self-doubt creeps into your skin, blankets your positive vibes with scary thoughts? You hate your existence then. Right? You thought you can remain strong enough to face the rejection that life keeps throwing at you. But it is exasperating after you have reached the saturation point. You try to deduce a positive result from every rejection, but your reality fails to do that. You become a slave to your weak side of emotional sense. As time progresses into hours, days , weeks and months, you just get used to the fact of getting rejected. The pain that it inflicts is sure a big story to be penned in your book of Life Lessons and to be passed down to your brain than to the heart when making a major decision.

They say your choices define a part of who you are. Well in that case, what happens when you choose the one you don’t want out of no choice? You get rejected by the consequences that you never hoped for and having a huge meltdown in a place where you felt being home, now feels like a claustrophobic dungeon. Sometimes, impulses get in the way of our common sense. Give in or elude. There is no middle ground. Choices are in abundance. We get hurt or we deserve better only by the choice we make. I say, make a choice before it is too late, go with the gut feeling only if you feel you can handle the consequences else pave way for your over-thinking/analyzing brain to make that choice for you.

Between the battle of heart and the brain, you are an inevitable victim or a royal survivor of your own thoughts. You just have to learn from the rejections. You gotta accept the rejections for all the best things that stand in the queue to deserve you.

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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