Logophiles are…Hoarders!

It is a blissful feeling when you know you love words; you are a logophile/lexophile. You love words because they are the most inexhaustible source of magic. Magic can do wonders; it can make you feel happy. Amateur magicians have a fat chance of messing up the tricks. Likewise, people who don’t know the magic of magic, doesn’t realize, the magic of knowing more words can either result in two ways; being ostentatious and being illustrious. Every logophile had to cross both the phases to be one. One can settle down with either of the phase, whichever is comfortable or becomes habitual. Logophiles are fastidious. They just can’t get enough.

Now what do logophiles do? They hoard every new word they bump into. (I know we all do! Don’t we?) A carry-with-you note could be handy. But who pens down nowadays? I have seen people making note of the word in any Sticky-note-kinda app in their phones. Well, that does the trick pretty quick.

Here’s what their life is mostly like:

Read anything that your eye catches.

New word? Swing the sword of pen! Highlight it. Now sketch all the ways to remember the word. Refer more than one dictionary. Use the word in a sentence. How?

Many ways. Update a status in Whatsapp! When people start asking you the meaning, you are bound to explain and HURRAY! You have the word by-heart. Some people can be judgmental and can take you for a verbose prick. Who cares? A logophile never does. Another way is to share the word with another logophile friend of yours! Simple as that. Another you ask? Pen down a shrant using the word. Let your imagination unfold. A word should always cast a spell of magic to one’s creativity in using it. Moreover, that’s what a logophile pines for. A little touch of creativity with the thirst to know more words.

A logophile will always make ‘believe’ when life hands ‘belie’. 🙂 (Logophilic much?)

~ © 2016 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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