When you have to question yourself, “Am I weird?”

Recently, the universe; my universe is starting to question my normalcy level a bit. Well, strike it off, too often actually.

I am a girl. Yes. But am I weird?


Wonder what makes me question myself that?

Okay, here you go!

  • I hate pouting selfies. Even if I had attempted to click a few, those had come out like..let’s say..not good. That adjective is pretty befitting. The more I hate is, sharing it on social media!
  • I hate discussing others’ lives. A big no-no to gossips! Complaining is different. You complain when YOU ARE INVOLVED IN THEIR LIVES. You gossip when you are INTERESTED INT HEIR LIVES BUT YOU DON’T EXACTLY KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON so you just weave a colorful rumor by just listening to details! Just because I am a good listener( hey, I am not being narcissistic here! ) you can’t just tell me anything about anyone! I am not gonna judge you for doing so, because I don’t do that ever. But I am surely gonna keep my distance from you, after.
  • I don’t like being the center of attention. That creeps me out. Because I will have no idea what to do!
  • I am terrible at small-talks. I am not fluent in that! Either I will embarrass you or an indescribable amount of self-damage is likely to happen.
  • I like few things which normal girls might furrow their eyebrows at.
  • I am an ambivert. That explains it all. I am a talker only to the people who belong to closed-circle.
  • Oh, and I hate make-up. For me , make-up suffices to eyeliner and some moisturizer.
  • I am a T9 mode texter, which means I use full words rather than..you know..thz,tht and wht nt! (shudders!)

And many others to point out but I’d like to cloak my inestimable weirdness level by limiting it to these! 😀 Now I won’t let anyone be the judge because let’s just conclude I am weird and I like being so. If you are some girl who is the opposite of all the above points and is repugnant to these, well, I don’t have a problem with it! Because hey, that’s YOU! We can’t help it can we? 😉

So stay weird! 😀 Stay yourself! 🙂

~ © 2015 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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