A human is born with
less flesh and skin
feelings and emotions
poured within

As one grow, like a shrub
into a tree, your twinges
of conscience hubs
into a greater sensibility

You become a giver
Giver of unasked soulfulness
And a taker of hurt
and heartwrenching pain

Why because, nobody values
the giver, but what is given
They forget and we forgive
Givers become Gods

Gods of joy radiation
and Slaves to its Takers
Years roll by, and Givers
lose their powers

You lose in the battle
between your emotions
and common sense,
Let it change you

Change to a shape, as though
you are a rivulet of liquids.
When you search for the real You

Stab of realization, pang of guilt
Daggers of reality, passes right through
The quest to the search of You
ends as your soul leaves you
If you stay a Giver, forever.

So wake up, it’s not too late!
Nothing wrong in being Selfish.
Be a Giver, yet master the art
of Giving more to yourself
and less to others!

Because right from the moment
your flesh and skin burnt
and made you tear up,
You matter to yourself.

Resuscitate from beneath
the layers where you actually are
That’s not where you belong
You are more worth than you think

Give, spread, centralize
Scatter the joy radiation
But remember,
Everything has a limit!

Feel the mixed emotions
Between your arrival and departure
to and from the Earth!

Never fail to, make a life
out of your living
And a Living out of your life!

Resurrect now,
From the dead.
Dead feelings,
Dead relations,
Dead surroundings.

Lively world out there,
Now remember, do not expect
What you have in the store for you!
You are the Storekeeper!

Grab what you want,
Dispose what you don’t!
You are the God, Master and Slave
Of, to Yourself !

~ © 2015 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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