Well, after all the Oh-my poetical posts, I’m yet again here, to do a small rant on possessiveness.


People dread this word yet they are so bewitched by the same. It might sound hypocritical if I say I am not possessive of anyone. What I don’t get is, why people throw themselves at someone who is oblivious to their possessiveness but they turn into these ignorant putz’ when someone have the same feel towards them. How ironical?

Well, I have been in both the shoes. Let’s not get to that, shall we? 😉

But hey, this post is for all out there who has perfectly caught the context definition wrong. The picture says my theory! So, go ahead. Be possessive but only when you are sure it could win a person. Not otherwise.

~ © 2015 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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