Three Wishes


Could you have a time-line 
from the past, to complain 
how messed up and how you
screwed up, for a life to live anew
now is what matters they say
but I agree it the opposite way 
walk me through the long-gone fragments 
deep emotions and various versions
doesn’t matter what, where, why and when
All I wanna know is how you were back ‘then’.


Twenty four hours for a day to complete

half the day of it, with chores &  tasks we compete

a cup of Java joe together we share

space between time &  us is like thin strand of hair

amidst the hurry blurry daily life

we never fail to play our love fife

Your good night kiss &

your morning smile is a bliss

mood swings comes and goes by easily,it’s how

we wrap up the moments of ‘now’.


List your bucket list honey 
I too have, not one but many
whims and fancies that makes me
adventurous, but note the irony
don’t plan way ahead of our future
though we have more ideas to venture
one step at a time will do good 
first we will earn enough money to carry it out
because baby, life is just another treasure
the journey I wanna enjoy with you forever.

~ © 2015 Shruthi Jothsana ~


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